Foods that Lower Testosterone

May 29, 2019

Posted by andropique

Foods that Lower Testosterone

Eating food is obviously a very important part of everyday life. Most people choose to eat the foods they like best according to how they taste. Some people eat for pleasure, and some people eat foods that they think are good for their bodies. Most people know that there are certain foods that have endless amounts of health benefits for the body. But unfortunately, there are foods and drinks that can negatively affect our body. For example, there are even foods and drinks that can negatively affect testosterone levels.

Vegetable Oil
Vegetable oil, one of the most commonly used oils, has been shown to decrease testosterone levels slightly. Vegetable oil includes soybean, canola, and corn oil which are made of polyunsaturated fatty acids. There was a study that looked at dietary intake in men aging from 43-88 years. They assessed fat intake and testosterone levels. The men who ingested polyunsaturated fats more frequently was associated with lower testosterone levels. There needs to be more research done in order to better understand the effects of polyunsaturated fats on testosterone levels.

Soy Foods
Regularly eating products like tofu, soy milk, and other soy-based products could possibly lower testosterone levels. There has been research done on the effects of soy-based products and testosterone levels. Soy, was shown to slightly lower testosterone in a study with 35 men who consumed either milk protein, low soy protein, and high soy protein isolate. Plant-based soy products have been shown to lower hormones in the body which could potentially lower testosterone.

There have been studies to show that excessive alcohol consumption can decrease testosterone levels as well. A study posted to the Current Drug Abuse Review states that “higher acute doses of alcohol consumption and chronic alcohol consumption decrease testosterone levels in men.” There needs to be more research on alcohol consumption and testosterone to understand the effects it has on hormone levels.

Processed Foods
Some of the most popular foods in the western diet is anything processed. Processed foods are anything from pre-packaged snacks to frozen foods. Processed foods are loaded with trans fats which are known as the unhealthy fats. Some studies suggest that constant consumption of processed foods could lower testosterone levels and have a negative impact on overall health. There have also been animal studies that show a slight decrease with the consumption of trans fat dense foods and lower testosterone, even could possibly impair reproductive performance.

Polyunsaturated fats, trans fats, soy-based products, and alcohol seem to all have the common trend of decreasing testosterone. There has been research conducted over the years to grasp a better understanding of the effect that different foods have on testosterone levels. More research will need to be done to understand more about why this testosterone lowering effect happens and all the different foods that cause the testosterone lowering. So for now, one should try minimizing Vegetable Oil & Testosterone Soy & Testosterone Plant-based & Testosterone Alcohol & Testosterone Testosterone & Trans Fatty Acid Testosterone & Fatty Acid + Reproductive Performance

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  • Foods that Lower Testosterone
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