Getting to know Andropique™

May 21, 2019

Posted by andropique

Getting to know Andropique™

Andropique™ is a natural health product that has been clinically shown to significantly increase Total and Biologically Active Free Testosterone levels. It contains the highest standardization of an active extract (not less than 80% glycosides), currently available on the market today.

The unique biologically active ingredient that drives Andropique™ was discovered by a Biotech Drug Discovery company. This company uses proprietary technology for researching and isolating active compounds from raw food materials. Through a patented extraction and an innovative standardization process, they had identified a group of active glycosides. These glycosides have now been shown in two clinical studies to quickly increase Testosterone. Because of their very unique process, no other company in the world has the means of developing or duplicating anything similar to Andropique™. It is so innovative that the inventors have implemented DNA fingerprinting of the raw material to avoid product counterfeits

How does it work?
The proposed mechanisms of Andropique™ includes increasing Free Testosterone by displacing albumin bound Testosterone, thus making it freely available in the body. Andropique™ also binds to SHBG preventing testosterone from becoming inactive, thus increasing bioavailable testosterone availability.

Andropique also acts as a natural 5-alpha reductase inhibitor to lower dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and as an aromatase inhibitor to lower estrogen. Lower estrogen means an increase in your anabolic state and the potential for greater muscle development. Whereas, lowering DHT formation will help prevent potential side-effects of increased testosterone levels. Together they help protect your newly raised testosterone levels. Therefore, the more Bioavailable Testosterone you have in the blood stream, the greater your bodies ability to build muscle, gain strength and burn fat.

The Bottom-line – What you really need to know
Andropique™ contains a full disclosure label and is made from one clinically proven ingredient. It does not contain any ‘fluff’ cheap fillers or unproven, under-dosed ingredients. Only one dose per day is needed, with the entire bottle lasting two months or 60 servings.

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  • Getting to know Andropique™
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Support Total and Free Bioavailable Bioavailable Testosterone

Andropique™ supplementation is clinically proven to support optimal Free and Bioavailable Testosterone in your body. Free/Bioavailable Testosterone contributes to muscle growth and strength by enhancing protein synthesis