How to Prevent Low Testosterone Levels with Age

June 10, 2019

Posted by andropique

How to Prevent Low Testosterone Levels with Age

Growing older is inevitable. It happens to everyone. As we age, processes in the body start to change and we see a physical result of those changes. Changes like a decrease in muscle results in a decrease in strength, a decrease in physical activity results in a more sedentary lifestyle, along with many other physical, physiological, and cognitive changes. One topic of frequent conversation is the effect that aging has on testosterone. Testosterone regulates several physiological processes like body density, muscle mass, strength, and many more. So, what happens in the body, specifically to testosterone levels, as we age?

Health Issues with Low Testosterone
Usually after the age of 30, most men tend to have a slight decrease in testosterone levels which will continue to decrease as the years go on. A normal range for testosterone is anywhere from 300ng/dL to 1000 ng/dL. Most of the time, health issues are seen with levels around 100ng/dL to 200ng/dL. If testosterone levels continue to drop and do not get proper treatment, a person could see a loss of strength, increased body fat, and loss of muscle.  If there are low testosterone-related issues, testosterone replacement therapy may be an intervention option to help reverse these issues. Testosterone replacement therapy does have some side effects such as, adult acne, theorized increased risk of cardiovascular disease (although more research is needed to better understand the effects and some research contradicts this), male pattern baldness, and aggression. However, there are natural testosterone boosters that do not have these same side effects.  These natural boosters may increase testosterone, thus slowing the negative symptoms of low testosterone.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone
Low testosterone can affect many of the bodies normal processes. Some of the more uncommon symptoms are mood changes, changes in skin, decrease in body hair production and a decrease in cognitive function. The loss of muscle mass can have catastrophic effects on bone density, metabolism, and mobility.  These changes can cause a litany of other negative health effects such as osteoporosis, fall risk, and congestive heart failure.  If someone does not want to go through the process of testosterone replacement therapy, there are other ways to naturally increase your testosterone levels.

Benefits of Diet & Exercise    
One of the more obvious ways to increase testosterone as you age is to be active. Lifting weights can be beneficial in increasing overall testosterone levels. A study was conducted in obese males that showed a greater increase in testosterone levels from physical activity versus a weight loss diet only. Consuming a well-rounded diet also helps to improve testosterone levels. As people age, dietary protein intake is decreased. One study showed that eating a good diet, including quality proteins, helped in fat loss and could aid in boosting your testosterone levels as well. In addition to diet and exercise, research shows that doing things that lower stress can have a positive impact on testosterone as well.

Aging Happens to Everyone
Take the opportunity now to change things before testosterone level decreases begin to occur. Testosterone replacement therapy is available and is a good option for people who already have dangerously low testosterone levels. Being active has amazing effects on your future body, including keeping testosterone levels at their norm. Participating in recreational sports or going to the gym can help keep testosterone levels increased. Natural testosterone boosters can also increase testosterone with fewer risks.

Increased physical activity has a greater effect than reduced energy intake on lifestyle modification-induced increases in testosterone.
High-protein, low-fat diets are effective for weight loss and favorably alter biomarkers in healthy adults.
Stress, adaptation, and disease. Allostasis and allostatic load.

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  • How to Prevent Low Testosterone Levels with Age
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