Lifestyle Changes to Increase Your Testosterone

January 30, 2020

Posted by andropique

Lifestyle Changes to Increase Your Testosterone

The androgenic hormone, Testosterone, is associated with multiple health outcomes and not just physical characteristics. Not adopting a healthy lifestyle can lead to multiple Long-lasting Problems. However, some lifestyle habits may help in improving testosterone levels naturally and therefore improve health.

Balanced Diet

A good proportionate diet plays an important role and can alter hormonal levels. Too less or too much of eating can lead to disrupted hormonal balance. Research has shown that you need a good balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in your diet to maintain healthy testosterone levels.

Be Stress-free

Stress affects loads of people around the world and hampers their quality of life. Stress increases cortisol and this decreases testosterone. Also, as stress level goes up, eating habits, sleeping habits also get impacted and may lead to weight gain causing decrease in testosterone levels.

Move… More!

Anything in proportion leads to great results. Physical activity when done properly, not in an excessive manner, may have positive effects on testosterone levels. A study compared hormonal levels of physically active men with hormonal levels of sedentary men and showed physically active men to have better hormonal profiles.

Correcting Your  Sleeping Schedule

Lack of sleep can disrupt normal bodily functions to a substantial extent and testosterone is no exception! Sleep loss affects the stress related hormone Cortisone, which if present in higher amount, causes lowering of testosterone levels. One such study conducted in USA showed that when adult men slept for less than 5 hours for a week, it affected their testosterone levels and had mood changes.

Natural testosterone booster supplements

Natural testosterone booster supplements support the body’s production of testosterone, unlike steroidal supplements. Watch out, as very few natural testosterone boosters have the scientific backing which shows that it is safe and works! Standardized extracts of fenugreek have shown great potential to improve free testosterone levels, muscle strength and body fat percentage in multiple clinical studies. STUDY STUDY physically active

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  • Lifestyle Changes to Increase Your Testosterone
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