New Year’s Resolutions….

January 1, 2020

Posted by andropique

New Year’s Resolutions….


So, it’s a new year and finally time to achieve all of those goals you wanted to achieve last year…. or maybe even the year before.  Each new year bring us a time for new chances and start overs and thus the new year’s resolution was born!! The problem with new year’s resolutions is that they largely do not work.  I mean we really do have good intentions to pack on 25lbs of muscle or cut 10% body fat, but we fail for a number of reasons.  No worries though, we are not alone.  In fact, almost ¾ of those that sign up for a gym membership in January never become regular attendees at the local gym.  This time of year the internet and mass media are a buzz telling you how to achieve those lofty goals you have so often dreamed about.  There are diets, workouts, fads, and quick fixes……what is lacking in all of this? TRUTH!  Now, I am not saying these are bad workouts or diets, but if over 75% of the population fails at these attempts, something must be wrong?  Is it the diet?  Is it the workout?  Did the beet juice extract not actually make you lose 20lbs?  All of your questions can be solved by following a few simple rules to the most successful year of your life!!


The number one, most important rule to follow is consistency.  That’s pretty simple right? WRONG!  Consistency is why we don’t see the results we want and we quit.  You know the old saying; Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?  Well neither was your wide back and sweeping quads.  Those took time and hard work.  Think about this…  If you create or are given a work out that consists of a 4-day per week training program, and on most weeks you get in 3 really good workouts and bail on the fourth; you may think, hey no big deal, I killed it 3 times this week.  For a week or two you are right and that is not that big of a deal, but after a year that is 52 missed workouts.  You heard that right folks, 52!!  That is an astonishing number of training sessions.  Imagine the success you would have if you completed all of the work.  Imagine if at your job you only did 75% of what was required.  Hello unemployment! The thing is this: we fail because of lack of consistency in all areas of our life.


Consistency builds this little thing called habit.  Research has shown that when an overweight & sedentary smoker quits smoking, they are more likely to start working out and eating right.  One bad habit breeds another and one good habit does the same.  Imagine if your goal this year was this……2020 will be the most consistent year of my life.  Wow…saying that out load feels a little anti-climactic.  Not nearly as exciting as “I will gain 25 lbs of lean mass”, or in 2020 I will rule the world!!  Now that sounds better.  So, I get it, it’s not exciting, but it will work.  Make 2020 the most consistent year you have ever had.  Stick to 4 days per week EVERY week (or whatever your training plan prescribes).  Only have the one cheat meal per week or month or whatever your plans say.  Get that last set.  Get those last reps. Get that final workout of the week in and stop being a statistic. While the litany of diets, training plans, and supplements out there are enough to make you dizzy, there are some simple things that you can do in the new year to contribute to your best year ever.

Make 2020 the most consistent year of your life and just watch what you are able to accomplish!

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  • New Year's Resolutions….
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