Testosterone for fat loss?!?

March 30, 2020

Posted by andropique

Testosterone for fat loss?!?

When we think about getting into shape, the unavoidable thought of ‘fat loss’ comes along with it! And for men, one of the key players for fat loss is said to be the male sex hormone ‘Testosterone’

Weight loss or Fat loss?

Firstly, it is important to understand that losing weight should be focused on losing ‘fat’ and not on losing ‘muscle’. As soon as our weight shoots up, we tend to opt for crash dieting and inappropriate workouts in order to shred those extra kilos. This usually targets the muscle mass and reduces it (which is obviously not the right way to lose weight). Remember! The tortoise won the race the “Right” way, not the “Faster” way!

Losing fat can be achieved through proper nutrition and correct training. Not only this, but for men, maintaining healthy testosterone levels can also be used as an additional tool to achieve your fat loss goals.

Is being overweight really related to Testosterone?

According to research, testosterone levels in obese men are lower than those having normal weight. Obesity and testosterone are like the sides of a coin. If your testosterone levels are up, the fat mass will go down and vice versa!

The supposed reason behind this may be that the fat tissues produce an enzyme called aromatase. This enzyme converts testosterone to the female sex hormone, estrogen. As estrogen goes up, testosterone goes down. Under healthy circumstances, aromatase converts only small amounts of testosterone to estrogen, but with men who are obese, more fat tissue is present, and more conversion happens, and thus low testosterone levels can be observed.

In conclusion, if obesity is prevented or reversed by making some good lifestyle changes, testosterone levels could be brought back to normal. if testosterone levels are increased or brought back to normal, there is the chance that it can help you lose fat.


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  • Testosterone for fat loss?!?
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