The Science

Andropique Supports Free and Bioavailable Testosterone Increases

Beyond 30 your testosterone levels drop year by year

The average testosterone levels in men have been substantially decreasing for the past two decades. This can be devastating to a man’s health and ego, as his muscle and libido slowly wither away. If you’re not already a healthy, highly active male with perfect genetics, then having low testosterone only makes it worse.


Low Testosterone levels can cause you a number of unwanted symptoms, including:

  1. loss of focus
  2. constant fatique
  3. depressed
  4. increased body fat
  5. loss of strength
  6. increased risk of ed & low libido
  7. increased risk of osteoporosis
  8. decreased energy

Optimum Testosterone levels, on the other hand can lead to a number of benefits, including:

  1. sharper mind
  2. confident
  3. happy
  4. healthy heart
  5. increased muscle mass
  6. strong erections & healthy libido
  7. strong bones
  8. increased energy

Increasing your testosterone levels can make a huge difference in the gym, reinforcing your masculinity and your overall quality of life.

Low testosterone is a grave concern, and Not just for older men. Younger males are also known to suffer from below-normal testosterone levels! Reasons include:

Excessive Emotional Stress
Long-Term Steroid Abuse
Working Long Hours
Alcohol Abuse
Recreational Medication

ANDROPIQUE™ - The Andropique Experience

Using a unique proprietary method of researching and isolating drugs from raw food materials, a Biotech Discovery Company has identified a group of ‘glycosides’ present in nature that boost testosterone levels faster and more efficiently than anything currently available on the market. Using their patented extraction and innovative standardization process, this group of steroidal glycosides were isolated and then incorporated into the actives of Andropique™. It is so innovative that the inventors have implemented DNA fingerprinting of the raw material to avoid product counterfeits.



ANDROPIQUE™ Increases Free Bioavailable Testosterone

The uniqueness of Andropique™ is that it works through multiple pathways to dramatically raise your testosterone levels. Raising free testosterone levels will help you make considerable gains in muscle size, development, and strength, as well as increase your energy, libido, vitality, and sex drive.

increases bioavailable free testosterone
protects testosterone levels
helps control estrogen formation

ANDROPIQUE™ Minimizes Side-Effects

Andropique® boosts and protects testosterone by binding to SHBG, raising the free/bound ratio, thereby increasing free bioavailable testosterone. What’s more, Andropique® also prevents aromatization (the destruction of testosterone) – thus allowing testosterone levels to get even higher than other conventional supplements. Andropique® protects your newly raised testosterone by acting as an aromatase and 5 α-reductase inhibitor.

effect inhibits estrogen formation
effect prevents unwanted side-effects
effect reduces dht conversion

Clinically Effective Results

RESEARCHED-BASED AND PROVEN. Andropique® delivers a powerful testosterone boosting ingredient, that has been proven in 2 clinical studies. Each study was conducted using the ‘Gold Standard’ of research protocols: a double-blind, placebo, controlled trial. An 8-week resistance training study proved the results of an acute 10-hour study of the primary ingredient, that Andropique increases Total and Free Testosterone, along with a reduction in body fat.


Clinical Study 1

Study design: Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo Controlled, Crossover

Duration: Acute Study (Single Dose)

Clinical Study 2

Study design: Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo Controlled, Crossover

Duration: 8 Weeks (1 dose per day)


Quality Validated Ingredients

POTENT, PURE, CLEAN, HONEST AND TRUSTWORTHY – Andropique is manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility in Canada by using International Ingredients. Trigonella Labs ensures that every batch is tested by strict guidelines for safety and quality, ensuring the highest quality finished product. To ensure product integrity and maintain traceability, each batch of raw material is tested with sophisticated DNA barcode-based species authentication. Every ingredient is tested for heavy metals for your protection.

ingredient all natural
ingredient standardized
ingredient dna authenticated
ingredient halal certified
ingredient kosher certified
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Support Total and Free Bioavailable Bioavailable Testosterone

Andropique™ supplementation is clinically proven to support optimal Free and Bioavailable Testosterone in your body. Free/Bioavailable Testosterone contributes to muscle growth and strength by enhancing protein synthesis