What is Biohacking?

June 18, 2019

Posted by andropique

What is Biohacking?

What is biohacking? Well, it’s similar to how we “hack” anything else. An example is like earning free items because you spent a certain amount before or earning cash back through a credit card company. Biohacking is a way to change your lifestyle to make your body feel the best it possibly can. This is a way to transform your body, through the fuel you put into your body to the thoughts you have. Some believe that by biohacking, you can transform yourself into a more productive, energized, best version of who you are which in a sense leads to a healthier you.

The Basics
The basic steps of biohacking are setting goals and then tracking your progress. Every person is different, therefore there isn’t a universal way to biohack yourself, you have to figure out what works best for you! You have to go with how your body feels, if it’s not working, try something else! This is essentially a process of trial and error to figure out what methods of biohacking that makes you the best you can possibly be.

There are different types of biohacking, and they all focus on different aspects of the body. There is a type called nutrigenomics, which is manipulating your body nutritionally. This type is also usually linked with sleep manipulation, attention to exercise, stress management, and adjusting to environmental triggers (like noise) a person may have. This type of biohacking helps with people’s bodies because they are ever-changing, and this is teaching you how to adjust to those changes.

Grinder Biohacking
Another type is called grinder biohacking. This is a method of biohacking that pushes your body to their limits. This can be done physically by pushing yourself to the limits like competing in an Iron Man or competing in CrossFit. This biohacking practice is done to “improve” someone’s hardware on their body in order to better understand the limits (or lack of limits) someone may or may not have.

Tools to Assist
More commonly we hear of people tracking their sleep, nutrition, and activity via smartphones because of the numerous amounts of applications that are available. These aid in biohacking because the app is producing data with numbers and statistics that helps towards a person’s specific goal. Along with smartphone applications, fitness trackers have become a part of the biohacking world. Fitness trackers are along the same lines of apps on your phone, but give real-time numbers like your heart rate, how many steps you have taken in a day, how many hours you have stood, etc. A lot of people are biohacking themselves without even know it by using these available tools.

It doesn’t have to be complicated
Biohacking doesn’t have to be complicated. You do not have to go big on your very first step to biohacking yourself to a better you. You can start small, like trying to eliminate sugar. You can cut back sugar intake in small amounts every week to eventually not having any sugar in your diet at all. Another example is if you are feeling down on energy, you could try adjusting your sleep schedule. Maybe you are getting too much or too little sleep. Again, one week try a certain number of hours and see how that makes you feel. As you’re doing any of these things, you can take notes in a journal of how the process is coming along and how you are feeling. Keeping a journal log will help in the long-run to remember exactly how you felt certain days and you aren’t having to recall 2 weeks ago how you felt. So, give it and shot and have fun with it.  Who knows you might just enjoy it!

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  • What is Biohacking?
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